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Chiropractic therapy may be used for much more than just back discomfort! It is a hands-on, non-invasive approach to healthcare that is centred on the musculoskeletal system and its disorders. We at Kinetic Sports Chiropractic treat a wide range of ailments by concentrating on the joints, muscles, and nerves of your body. In the case of problems of the pelvis, neurological system, spine, back pain and joints, we may offer diagnostic services as well as therapy and preventive care to patients.
Especially for back pains, our chiropractors are well-trained and experienced in Lane Cove region. And according to our previous patient’s survey, our chiropractic therapy has gradually enhanced the overall well-being of the patient by addressing the correct aspects of chronic illnesses that affect the spine and joints.
What Makes Our Chiropractors The Best?
It is a prevalent misconception that chiropractors are only capable of treating headache and back pain problems. Using chiropractic treatment, we can treat a wide range of disorders affecting your muscles, joints, nerves, and bones. Many of our patients prefer it over other treatments since it is non-invasive and can be used with other therapies such as massage therapy and acupuncture. At Kinetic Sports Chiropractic, our chiropractors have received extensive training and experience in the field of chiropractic care, accumulating hundreds of hours of hands-on training and patient care. And because of their extensive training, experience, and exposure in the area of chiropractic therapy, our team of Chiropractors is well-equipped to provide you with the finest care available.
Method Of Assisting Our Patients
Chiropractic treatments do not need a referral from your primary care physician, making this kind of therapy readily available to our patients. Kinetic Sports Chiropractic’s chiropractic care serve patients with a patient-centred attitude across the Lane Cove area. We will always collaborate with you to develop a complete treatment plan that will assist you in resolving any back pains, discomfort, or mobility concerns you may be having at the time. At Kinetic Sports Chiropractic, we use a broad range of therapies that are all tailored to meet the specific requirements of each patient. To begin your evaluation, we will take a thorough medical history and do any required physical tests to measure your range of motion and balance. Muscle testing, ranges of motion tests, and other related tests are examples of what may be done during these examinations. Your chiropractor will be able to build a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique requirements based on these facts and testing.

Chiropractic Care

Tailored manual hands-on therapy and techniques to assess and treat the cause of the problem, rather than focusing on hiding the symptoms.

Dry Needling & Cupping

Dry needling and cupping restores normal movement and stimulates the body's natural healing mechanism

Therapeutic Massage

Our Remedial massage therapist can help reduce pain, muscle tension, decrease stress/anxiety and improve mobility.

Postural Correction

Poor posture can be a cause for many pain & injuries both at works and in sports. We use a range of techniques to help correct the causes and ease pain.

Team Wellness Workshops

We offer programs designed to promote better movement, posture and happiness for your employees.

Prescription Rehabilitation Exercise

We focus on treating the entire body from head to toe so that you can create a better mind-muscle connection.
Specifically, this treatment plan will be personalised to your body and lifestyle to perform optimally while striving to restore your body to its optimal condition. To ensure that you get the best possible care, we will always offer a clear diagnosis and make certain that you understand your treatment plan. Depending on the specifics of the treatment plan, we may urge you to come into one of our clinics for adjustments as needed. Often, you will also be given therapeutic exercises to practise regularly at home to assist in your rehabilitation, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations that our chiropractor believes will be useful to your recovery.

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Patients seeking chiropractic treatments choose Kinetic Sports Chiropractic because of our comprehensive approach to health and wellness with a wide reach and coverage of the entire Lane Cove region. Non-stop movement is important to us, and we aim to empower patients with workouts and strategies that can will help them enhance their general muscular health as well as their entire lifestyle and fitness.
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