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Back Pain Turramurra

Turramurra Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

In major urban regions like Turramurra, lower back pains and discomfort may be a major issue for residents. At Kinetic Sports Chiropractic, we see a lot of patients who are suffering from herniated discs, strained muscles, and other issues that may cause lower back discomfort. We can help you too. Natural procedures are used to assist our patients in strengthening their muscles, reducing muscular tension, and improving blood flow to affected regions. Our patients’ lower back pain or discomfort is reduced, and they are less likely to have back pain in the future, thanks to these procedures.
Our chiro doctors at Kinetic Sports Chiropractic have received extensive training and have the necessary equipment to treat individuals suffering from a broad variety of pains and diseases. In our practice, we often assist people who have been involved in vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, and on-the-job, work-related injuries. Our aim is to assist your body in recovering as rapidly as possible so that you may return to your daily activities and improve your overall quality of life as soon as possible. Additionally, our professional chiropractic care may help with the symptoms of a variety of painful disorders, including osteoarthritis, chronic pain, tension, back pain, sciatica and much more.
Lower Back Pain: What Are the Root Causes?
  • A herniated disc: a herniated disc occurs when one of the flexible discs between the vertebrae starts to protrude from its normal position.
  • Lifting and twisting procedures that are ineffective while holding large things may cause muscle strain and discomfort.
  • Unhealthy ergonomic circumstances at work or home or sitting in a non-neutral posture for most of the day may impose a strain on pressure points in the body, particularly in the lower back.
  • Muscle strain as a result of overwork may cause discomfort across the back and the rest of the body, particularly in the lower back.
As a professional chiro clinic, we use a range of procedures to alleviate lower back pain in our patients and these techniques include:
  • We employ spinal adjustment to straighten the vertebrae and maintain pressure off of the spinal cord when we treat patients with back pain. This helps to alleviate patient discomfort while also assisting the body in healing from injuries that cause back pain.
  • Strenuous activities such as stretches, and exercises assist to maintain muscular flexibility and strength. As a result, the muscles are less likely to be injured and the patient is less likely to experience discomfort.
  • Lifestyle counselling means that we provide lifestyle counselling to patients to assist them to avoid engaging in activities that might cause pain and damage.
  • Nutritional counselling like advising you on eating the appropriate foods may aid in the healing of the body as well as the management of inflammation, resulting in a reduction in pain and discomfort.

Chiropractic Care

Tailored manual hands-on therapy and techniques to assess and treat the cause of the problem, rather than focusing on hiding the symptoms.

Dry Needling & Cupping

Dry needling and cupping restores normal movement and stimulates the body's natural healing mechanism

Therapeutic Massage

Our Remedial massage therapist can help reduce pain, muscle tension, decrease stress/anxiety and improve mobility.

Postural Correction

Poor posture can be a cause for many pain & injuries both at works and in sports. We use a range of techniques to help correct the causes and ease pain.

Team Wellness Workshops

We offer programs designed to promote better movement, posture and happiness for your employees.

Prescription Rehabilitation Exercise

We focus on treating the entire body from head to toe so that you can create a better mind-muscle connection.


Our Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain Has a number of Advantages:
For years, Kinetic Sports Chiropractic has been delivering compassionate and innovative back pain and other chiropractic therapy to patients in the Turramurra region. Each member of the Kinetic Sports Chiropractic team is highly trained and has undergone training from some of the most prestigious chiropractic doctorate programs in the nation. The team is eager to meet with you and assist you if you require chiropractic care to help activate your body’s natural healing abilities or to recover from an old sports injury, back pains, age-related decline, or any other condition.
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