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Are you afflicted by persistent pain, numbness, mobility loss, or any other condition that impairs your daily life? Our objective at Kinetic Sports Chiropractic is to reestablish your well-being and to keep you healthy and happy for years to come. We recognise that every symptom has a core cause and that masking your discomfort will prevent your body from healing and progressing. If you’re considering a chiro treatment in St Ives, we invite you to learn more about our treatments below.
Our chiro doctors can treat a broad array of diseases, injuries, and symptoms with pain treatment and remedial therapy. Whether you are new to chiropractic therapy or searching for a new chiropractor in St Ives, we will warmly welcome you to our clinic with a full assessment before developing a treatment plan just for you.
Our Chiropractic Procedure Is Relatively Simple
Pain is one of the ways in which the body communicates with us that something is amiss. There are several approaches to pain management, and chiropractic is one of them, but with a twist. Medication or surgical techniques are used to treat the majority of back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, and even migraines. And our chiropractic therapy on the other hand takes a more direct approach to pain management by realigning injured, worn-out, bruised, or dislocated bones, tendons, and muscles using a natural, non-invasive, medication-free manual adjustment. This restores natural joint movement, relieves tension on the tissues, and restores normal blood flow and fluid balances. All of these effects promote healing and aid in the restoration of joint strength, range of motion, and stability. Chiropractic is also useful for routine maintenance, such as athletes looking to avoid future injury and perform at their best.
Chiropractic Therapists

We Have a Holistic Approach for Our Treatments

Our Chiro practice is further distinguished by the fact that it addresses adjacent tissues. Anyone who has hurt one side of the body and had pain on the other side may attest that they damaged the other side as a result of the way the affected portion was moved. Holistic, or whole-body, care is concerned with the way the body’s components interact. Alignment is a process that needs the cooperation of several joints. Injury, whether acute or chronic, ripples through the body like a pebble thrown into a quiet pond. It’s simple to see how realigning joints may be used to alleviate back pain, neck discomfort, and sciatica. Headaches and migraines are less evident, although some headaches and migraines react to spinal realignment and neck muscle relaxation. The decrease in pressures acting on the head and neck alleviates tension, and headaches subside as a consequence.

Chiropractic Care

Tailored manual hands-on therapy and techniques to assess and treat the cause of the problem, rather than focusing on hiding the symptoms.

Dry Needling & Cupping

Dry needling and cupping restores normal movement and stimulates the body's natural healing mechanism

Therapeutic Massage

Our Remedial massage therapist can help reduce pain, muscle tension, decrease stress/anxiety and improve mobility.

Postural Correction

Poor posture can be a cause for many pain & injuries both at works and in sports. We use a range of techniques to help correct the causes and ease pain.

Team Wellness Workshops

We offer programs designed to promote better movement, posture and happiness for your employees.

Prescription Rehabilitation Exercise

We focus on treating the entire body from head to toe so that you can create a better mind-muscle connection.
And Kinetic Sports Chiropractic is committed to a comprehensive approach. This in no way complicates the procedure of visiting a chiropractor. Our chiro consultations are similar to a visit to a standard physician. Medical history, physical examination, and, in certain cases, lab tests and x-rays are all used to diagnose the condition. Following that, our chiro doctors will discuss a treatment plan with you. Typically, many treatments are required to resolve an issue. Multiple treatments may be required if the condition is serious. Dry needling, cupping, Massage therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, or traction on the afflicted joints are all types of muscle relaxation used during treatment sessions. Muscle relaxation facilitates joint manipulation. Following that, the afflicted joints are adjusted. Our chiropractor may even suggest your lifestyle changes, diet, and strengthening activities to assist in strengthening and stabilising the problematic joints.
Kinetic Sports Chiropractic is Committed to Pain Relief
The team at Kinetic Sports Chiropractic is pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our chiro therapy in St Ives. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 0433 922 206.

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