Have you tried Cupping Therapy?

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Do you feel tight or stiff when bending and moving? Cupping can help!

Cupping is an ancient complementary treatment technique shown to have been used as far as 5500 years ago with varying techniques across cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and the Middle-East. The process has long been poorly understood and anecdotal evidence is more plentiful than high quality scientific research. Interestingly, more recent studies are finding additional benefits beyond management of musculoskeletal pain.

Various cupping types share the common theme of myofascial decompression (simply creating lift and space between layers of soft tissue to improve gliding), as well as increasing blood flow and stretching underlying soft tissue. It is also suggested that the activation of what’s known as the “HO-1 system” is responsible for alleged antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. There are different types of cupping, but the most common forms are fire cupping, dry cupping and wet cupping, each boasting varying benefits.

Dry cupping is one of the simpler methods, using either firm plastic cups with a valve and pump or silicon cups that push air out, creating a vacuum when physically compressed. Generally targeting specific muscles or fascial tracks, the cups can be slid along the targeted soft tissue fibers, or alternatively the client can actively move, creating a similar effect to sliding. Research supports this technique for effectiveness in addressing musculoskeletal complaints such as stiffness, tension and pain. Anecdotally, we have used this technique in the clinic for low back, hip, shoulder and knee complaints

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