Are you experiencing inner thigh/Groin pain ?

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Have you been experiencing groin pain?

If you are experiencing groin pain or general pubic symphysis pain then you need to be quick to seek guidance from a professional practitioner.

Any of these apply to you?

Groin pain either on one side or both,
pain with running/sprinting,
changing directions,
kicking with pain after warming up or training
you may have what’s called Osteitis Pubis.

With no rest and continued playing the pain may progress to the abdominal area and pain may prevent you from kicking, sprinting and directional changes, again this would be indicative of your inflammatory pelvic condition progressively worsening.

Inflammation of the Pelvic bone (Osteitis Pubis)

Osteitis Pubis is defined to be inflammation of the pubic symphysis (cartilage between the bones) and the surrounding insertion of the muscles that live there.

Commonly caused by poor biomechanics (how you move), an imbalance of muscles that function to to stabilise the pelvis and hip resulting in poor motor control by the nervous system (the brain failing to turn on the correct muscles when running, moving etc)

The studies show that:

Midfielders are more likely to face this problem, higher risk (approximately 40%)
Strikers and defenders were near the same but less than midfielders, moderate risk (approximately 20%)
Goal keepers were low risk (approximately 10%)

How to overcome Osteitis Pubis?

Sufficient amount of rest is necessary to minimise the inflammation and to prevent further injury and aggravation of the Pubis. Only certain types of exercises are warranted at this stage along with specific low intensity stretches have shown to be effective across case studies.

It is important to implement a personalised and structured rehabilitative plan, knowing what muscles are weak and what muscles are over working to balance out the pelvis to provide optimal stability with more forceful movements.

Lower Level Laser Therapy, Shock Wave Therapy, Electro Therapy along with Hydro Therapy, Physical Therapy and Manual Therapies have all shown to be helpful in speeding up the recovery progress and decreasing the back to sport time period.

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