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by | May 28, 2019 | Back pain, Medication, Pain, Pain Killers | 0 comments

Do you take pain killers when you are in pain?

Have you been heavily relying on analgesics to get you through the day?

An important, basic concept to understand is that, when you are in PAIN, that’s a signal to you. Whether it’s a headache, back pain, nerve pain, or even stomach pain.

There could be a million and one possible things going on in that area, but all the brain knows is that there is potential THREAT. It’s not telling you to just get rid of the pain, it’s telling you to get rid of the CAUSE. Pain killers aren’t actually “killing” pain, just temporarily blocking or desensitizing the pain signals from the brain called nociceptors.

I love using the analogy of a car engine. When there is a leakage in the engine, the car detects it as a threat and flicks the engine light on. It doesn’t tell you exactly what is causing the leakage, just tells you to stop and have a look at the potential threat that can further damage the car. Pain Killers are the same as placing a piece of black duct tape over that engine light signal and thinking “IT IS FIXED” and continue driving it, when only your engine is ready to blow out any second.

Most of us (who seem to look after our cars better than ourselves) will certainly have a look under the hood and take it to the professionals. I’m sure no one will ever place duct tape over the lights. (hopefully) So why should we ever do that to our one and only body part we have? Makes no sense right.

There is certainly a time and place for pain medications and cortisone injections, but not usually a SOLUTION.

If you are unsure about your symptoms, speak to a health professional who will help you understand and fix the cause.

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