Human Fascia – What are they?

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“Ogres are like onions

Onions have layers

Ogres have layers.”

Did you know that just like onions (and Ogres) we to have layers known as fascia. The term fascia is defined as a thick sheet of connective tissue (like the ones you see on raw chicken breast) primarily made up of collagen between the skin and muscles. Its main function is to stabilise, enclose and separate the muscles and internal organs. Fascia is classified into different layers, the layers closest to the skin known as the superficial fascia then the deep fascia and the visceral fascia. Each layer functions differently and specific to the anatomical location.

Very similar to ligaments and tendons, fascia is made up of fibrous connective tissue containing collagen fibres oriented in a wavy pattern parallel to direction of the tensional pull. This is one of the reasons why pain or discomfort in one area can be due to a restriction or fibrous interruption from another area along the fascia (e.g. Sometimes Neck pain can be due to a foot problem)

If you are still having problems even after trying everything around the painful area, maybe it’s time to start considering other areas along the fascia.

It is recommended to perform fascial stretches after a shower/bath or after performing exercise/workout to warm up the fascia, “fascia is like toffee, you need to warm it up first to allow it to stretch.” If you are not sure how to perform this stretch, make sure to message us and let us help you !

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